Why Print Design is Relevant

very year students in the graphic design department of my school are given a choice of classes to sign up for, more than a dozen of them in all fields of design from illustration to user experience. The night before registration students all over the city set alarms for 7am, when they will wake up and scramble to be the first to enroll themselves in Paul Kepple's publishing and print design class. The class fill up before the sun has really risen, and dozens of dejected students grudgingly sign up for their second and third choices. Why is there this mad scramble for a class in a supposedly "dying" field? Because they know there is something special about printed media, about being able to hold something in your hands, to hoard it or share it, to hand it over or hand it down. Generations of collectors know the feeling: people who order the vinyl, who buy the box set, who wait in line to get the hardcover. Our design world is becoming increasingly ephemeral, with media that we flit past and forget just as quickly. In this world of pixels and glowing screens, something tangible, a finely crafted object you can experience with all your senses is a rare jewel that people are not going to give up any time soon.

That's why I'm applying to the Print Design Scholarship here at